In April of 2021, Milcon Commercial Concrete broke ground on a 5-story building at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Prior to our work commencing, auger cast piles were driven in the ground to help stabilize the foundation of the structure. The footings varied in size with the majority being 14 foot wide and 4 foot thick. Slabs included on grade and 5 stories of slab on metal deck plus the entire roof structure entailed a slab on metal deck. To date, Milcon has poured over 12,000 cubic yards of concrete; placed and tied over 3 million pounds of rebar. With this project being extremely detailed, Milcon was able to utilize both our skills in large slab pours as well as our skills in heavy foundations. We have completed many projects at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, so we were well equipped to deal with the security and logistic challenges that it entails.