Excavators: Over 15 excavators ranging in size from 8,000lbs to 113,000 lbs.

Trucks: Over 10 fleet trucks, including a mobile service truck.

Dozers: Ranging in size from 30,000 lbs to 46,000 lbs.

Skid Steers/Loaders: Skid steers ranging in size from 7,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs with buckets from ѕ CY to 1 Ѕ CY.
Loaders with bucket sizes ranging from 2 Ѕ CY to 3 CY.

Dump Trucks/Semis: We have a combined fleet of over 15 heavy haul trucks and dump trucks. Capacity of dump trucks/semis ranging from 12 CY to 20 CY

Rock Removal Equipment: Grinders, Jack Hammers, Trenching, Saws for Rock Removal.

Technology: From automated traffic control flagging systems to GPS automated machines and custom made road widening equipment, we have a very broad depth of industry-leading equipment.